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NID Foundation Course

For those aspiring to shine in the NID entrance examination in Patna, RFS Design Studio is not just a coaching institute; it's a gateway to success in the world of design. With a customized curriculum, experienced faculty, innovative teaching methods, top-notch infrastructure, individualized attention, and a proven track record, RFS stands as the epitome of excellence in NID preparation. Choose RFS Design Studio and embark on a transformative journey toward a successful career in design, beginning with a triumph in the NID entrance examination.

National Institute of Design (NID) stands as a pinnacle of design education in India, and as aspiring designers set their sights on the coveted 2-Year Foundation Course, RFS Design Studio in Patna emerges as a beacon of guidance and preparation. Let's delve into what makes RFS Design Studio the ideal companion for those aspiring to conquer the challenges of the NID Foundation Course.

The NID Foundation Course is a rigorous two-year program that lays the groundwork for design education. It encompasses a wide array of design disciplines, including industrial design, communication design, textile and apparel design, and more. NID, being a prestigious institution, demands not only creativity but also a deep understanding of design principles and a holistic approach to problem-solving.

In the pursuit of excellence in the NID 2-Year Foundation Course, RFS Design Studio emerges as the front-runner. Its commitment to fostering creativity, providing a robust curriculum, and creating an environment conducive to design thinking makes it the ideal choice for aspiring designers. Enroll at RFS Design Studio, and embark on a transformative journey that not only prepares you for the challenges of the NID Foundation Course but also equips you with the skills and mindset needed for a successful career in the dynamic world of design.

RFS places a strong emphasis on portfolio development, understanding its significance in the NID application process. Through guided projects and mentorship, students at RFS build a strong portfolio that reflects their creative journey and design capabilities.

Duration of Course

24 Months Classroom Program

Class Duration

3 Hours per Class

Doubt Class 1 Hour

Class Type

Regular Classes

Weekend Classes

All Subjects

Design and Drawing

Ability Reasoning, Maths, English


10th/12th Pass- Any Subject Min.

Marks- Just Passed, Age Limit-23 Yrs

Fee Structure

2 years = 110,000/-

1st year = 60k

2nd year= 50k (PDC)