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NID Target Course

In the competitive arena of design education, aspiring architects and designers set their sights on the National Institute of Design (NID) as a beacon of creative exploration. RFS Design Studio's NID Target Course emerges as a guiding force for individuals seeking to navigate the intricate challenges of the NID entrance examination. Tailored with precision and designed to unlock the full creative potential of each student, this specialized program is a transformative journey toward excellence in design.

Salient Features of the RFS NID Target Course:

Holistic Curriculum:

The NID Target Course at RFS Design Studio is more than just a preparatory program; it is a comprehensive exploration of design principles and innovative thinking. The curriculum is strategically aligned with the NID entrance exam, covering all facets of design - from sketching to problem-solving - to ensure that students are well-equipped for success.

Expert Faculty with Industry Insights:

Central to the success of RFS's NID Target Course is the team of seasoned mentors. These faculty members are not only educators but industry professionals with real-world design experience. Their insights go beyond textbooks, providing students with a practical understanding of the design industry and the demands of the NID examination.

Innovative Teaching Methods:

RFS believes in the power of innovative teaching methods. The NID Target Course incorporates workshops, hands-on projects, and design thinking sessions to foster creativity and critical thinking. This approach prepares students not just for an exam but for a dynamic career in design.

Mock Tests and Portfolio Development:

Success in the NID entrance exam requires more than theoretical knowledge; it demands practical application. RFS integrates mock tests and simulations to familiarize students with the exam pattern. Additionally, a strong emphasis is placed on portfolio development, ensuring that students showcase their unique design journey effectively during the admission process.

Individualized Attention and Mentorship:

RFS maintains smaller class sizes to facilitate personalized attention. This ensures that students receive individualized feedback, guidance, and mentorship from faculty members. The one-on-one interactions contribute to a supportive learning environment that nurtures creativity and fosters growth.

The RFS Design Studio NID Target Course is not just a stepping stone; it is a transformative design odyssey. Beyond preparing for an entrance exam, RFS prepares students to become adept architects and designers, ready to make meaningful contributions to the design world. Enrolling in the NID Target Course at RFS Design Studio isn't just about passing an exam; it's about honing the skills and mindset necessary for a successful and fulfilling career in design. For those with a passion for design and a dream to create, RFS Design Studio's NID Target Course is the compass that points toward a future where innovation knows no bounds, and design becomes a way of life. Elevate your aspirations with RFS, where creativity meets excellence and design becomes a journey of self-discovery and accomplishment.

Duration of Course

24 Months Classroom Program

Class Duration

3 Hours per Class

Doubt Class 1 Hour

Class Type

Regular Classes

Weekend Classes

All Subjects

Design and Drawing

Ability Reasoning, Maths, English


10th/12th Pass- Any Subject Min.

Marks- Just Passed, Age Limit-23 Yrs

Fee Structure

Target Batch | 2024 - 25 Session 

 1. Jan - Feb. = 75000/- 

At The Time of Adm. = 45k + 30k ( 90 day's) 

2. Mar - Aprl = 70000/- At the time of Adm. = 40k + 30k ( 90 day's ) 

3. May - June = 65000/- At the time of Adm. = 35k + 30k ( 90 day's ) 

4. Jul - Aug. = 60000/- At the time of Adm. = 35k + 25k ( 90 day's ) 

5. Sep - Oct. = 55000/- At the time of Adm. = 35k + 20k ( 90 day's ) 

6. Oct - Dec = 35k ( Crash Course) Revise Course | Rapid Fire Short Solution