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NIFT Target Course

In the dynamic realm of fashion and design, the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) stands as a beacon of excellence. For aspiring designers looking to unlock the doors to NIFT and embark on a creative journey, RFS Design Studio's NIFT Target Course emerges as the compass guiding them toward success. This specialized program is meticulously designed to navigate the intricate pathways of the NIFT entrance examination, ensuring comprehensive preparation and fostering the skills required to flourish in the world of fashion.

Key Features of the RFS NIFT Target Course:

Strategic Curriculum:

The NIFT Target Course at RFS Design Studio unfolds a strategic curriculum that mirrors the intricacies of the NIFT entrance exam. From honing design fundamentals to mastering the aptitude and situation tests, every aspect of the curriculum is carefully crafted to align with NIFT's unique requirements.

Expert Mentorship:

At the heart of this program is a team of seasoned mentors, each bringing a wealth of experience from the fashion and design industry. Their expert guidance extends beyond theoretical teachings, providing students with practical insights and instilling the skills necessary for success in the NIFT examination and future design endeavors.

Focused Workshops and Practical Sessions:

RFS recognizes the importance of hands-on learning. The NIFT Target Course integrates focused workshops and practical sessions, delving into the nuances of sketching, creative thinking, and portfolio development. These sessions empower students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a tangible and impactful manner.

Mock Tests and Exam Simulation:

Success in any competitive examination often hinges on familiarity with the exam pattern and effective time management. RFS ensures that students are well-prepared by incorporating mock tests and exam simulations into the curriculum, providing a simulated exam environment to build confidence and reduce exam-day jitters.

Portfolio Excellence:

Crafting a compelling portfolio is a crucial aspect of the NIFT admission process. RFS's Target Course places a strong emphasis on portfolio development. Through guided sessions, students learn to articulate their creative journey, showcasing their unique design perspective and securing a distinctive edge in the admissions process.

Individualized Attention:

With a commitment to personalized learning, RFS maintains smaller class sizes. This facilitates a more interactive learning experience, allowing students to receive individualized attention, valuable feedback, and tailored support from faculty members.

Duration of Course

12 Months Classroom Program

Class Duration

5 Hours per Class

Doubt Class 1 Hour

Class Type

Regular Classes

Weekend Classes

All Subjects

Design and Drawing

Ability Reasoning, Maths, English


10th/12th Pass- Any Subject Min.

Marks- Just Passed, Age Limit-23 Yrs

Fee Structure 🎯

Target Batch | 2024 - 25 Session 

 1. Jan - Feb. = 75000/- 

At The Time of Adm. = 45k + 30k ( 90 day's) 

2. Mar - Aprl = 70000/- At the time of Adm. = 40k + 30k ( 90 day's ) 

3. May - June = 65000/- At the time of Adm. = 35k + 30k ( 90 day's ) 

4. Jul - Aug. = 60000/- At the time of Adm. = 35k + 25k ( 90 day's ) 

5. Sep - Oct. = 55000/- At the time of Adm. = 35k + 20k ( 90 day's ) 

6. Oct - Dec = 35k ( Crash Course) Revise Course | Rapid Fire Short Solution